5.Rapid and wide variations of 1,5-AG make your clinical decision robust

(Yamanouchi, et al; Diabetes 38, 723 (1989))

  In a range of HbA1c of less than 8.0%, even in its normal range, 1,5-AG changes widely in an exponential manner correspondingly to a small amount of urinary glucose.

  By the big change, you will have confidence in the judgement of whether glycemia improved or got worse, beyond the error range, for example, in a case of dietary and/or exercise therapy. By the rapid change, you can detect in real time the beginning of glycemic change induced by drugs such as steroids, infection (COVID-19 etc)(See Chapter 3), pregnancy, or others (Lancet 347,1514,1996). 1,5-AG check is easier, cheaper and more reliable to find acute glycemic change than frequent blood glucose measurements.

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