I would like to explain about 1,5-AG(1,5-anhydroglucitlo), the index of daibetes Mellitus, from varoius aspects.
    I am so glad if you would enjoy it.

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    Toshikazu Yamanouchi, M.D.

  I have been researching 1,5-AG for over 40 years since I found it in human blood in the late 1970s.
  After working as professor at the University of Teikyo, I am now working as director of Diabetes Center, Kashiwa Tanaka Hospital (e-mail : yamanouchi.ts@aoikai.jp).

  1,5-AG is a marker of glucose spike in near-normoglycemia. Unlike HbA1c and glycoalbumin,1,5-AG can detect the effect of postprandial hyperglycemia improving drugs. In type 1 diabetic patients, frequent glucose spikes cause low (bad) 1,5-AG value despite of good HbA1c level. 1,5-AG changes rapidly in response to the urinary glucose, thus you can find the early stages of glycemic change. It is one of the major polyols in the human body, and has been suggested to have many physiological activities. Elucidation of direct involvement of 1,5-AG in diabetic complications is expected in future.


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