10.Combination measurement with 1,5-AG and HbA1c

  Combined measurement of both markers is useful for the selection of the treatment in diabetic patients.

Algorithm for the treatment of diabetics based on using 1,5-AG and HbA1c

  For example, if a patient shows 1,5-AG of less than 10μg/ml despite HbA1c level of 6%, α-GI, glinides, GLP1-related drugs and rapid-acting insulins will be recommended for treating glucose spike.

  If a patient shows 1,5-AG of more than 10μg/ml and HbA1c level of 7%, it is reasonable to start or increase sulfonylurea, metformin, pioglitazone and long-acting insulins for lowering between-meals glucose.

  α-GI which specializes in lowering glucose spikes usually increase 1,5-AG value more than 14μg/ml in spite of remaining HbA1c in high level.

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