1.Improvement of glucose spike (postprandial hyperglycemia ) can not be sufficiently detected by HbA1c or glycoalbumin (fructosamine)

  α-glucosidase inhibitor (α-GI) is well-known to reduce glucose spike (postprandial glycemia) in patients with diabetes.

  The slides above show that theseα-GI ,such as voglibose or miglitol (not acarbose; mentioned later), lowered
HbA1c but only by 0.4%, or glycoalbumin (fructosamine) by 1.0 %.

  1,5-AG(GlycoMark),however, markedly (4.0→10.0μg/ml) improved in the same group.

  Unlike HbA1c and glycoalbumin, 1,5-AG can easily catch the change of glucose spike, separately from average blood glucose.

  We often find that 1,5-AG normalize after the treatment of α-GI, while HbA1c is stable within normal range, in lean (especially woman) or elderly subjects.

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